Speech and Workshop Reviews


Carrie Sturn, Marketing Project Manager, Cedar Community, West Bend

"Kathi Miller has presented several decluttering classes and workshops for our senior housing prospects. We have had outstanding attendance at these events and everyone has commented on how wonderful her presentations are. She is witty, funny and gets right down to the nitty gritty of clutter. She has been a great addition to our “Make a Move” seminar series. I even asked her to speak at the Washington County Senior Conference this year and she was a big hit! I have heard nothing but positive comments on all her presentations. She makes you want to go home and start tossing! Her programs are well worth it!"


Reviews By Employees of LaMacchia Enterprises

  • "This was a fantastic presentation, and I hope there are many more presentations on self-improvement and general healthy living.
  • I appreciated that she used a lot of humor in her presentation.  Humor is always good!
  • This was a great change of pace for wellness events and Kathi was a great presenter.
  • Excellent, excellent, excellent, subject matter, presentation & speaker.  This seminar is the best I've attended and the one that truly will have a positive impact on my life. Thank you!
  • Hope to have her come back so some of my team could attend that couldn't make it today.
  • I'm so glad you had this session.  Thank you!  It came at just at the right time for me as I'm going through another round of decluttering in my house (every year I get better at letting things go).  She was a great presenter who helped provide additional motivation and ways for me to change my mindset regarding what I truly need to keep and what I can let go.
  • Kathi was funny and articulate.  I enjoyed hearing her speak.
  • Kathi Miller was a very good presenter and was enjoyed by all who attended.  Her examples from her professional and personal life helped to motivate everyone.  Thank you."


Susie Siedelmann, M.A., Environment Program Associate, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

"Kathi is always a thoughtful, engaging and inspiring presenter.  We've worked with her on multiple occasions, and our audiences always rate her very highly (in fact, Kathi garners some of the very best feedback we've received.)  I love chatting with attendees several days later - without fail, each of them has a story about what they've managed to clear out of their homes.  Kathi really inspires action, and in the process, she changes lives.  Plus, she's funny, to boot!  She helps our audiences lead more healthful, sustainable lives, and we look forward to working with her again."


Luci Klebar, Director of Marketing, St. John's on the Lake

"On behalf of St. John's, Thank you!  We enjoyed having you present this morning and have received excellent feedback.  Many guests said they found you engaging and 'not preachy.'  There was no guilt in your message, just some very solid advice about living in the present.  One resident said they should have heard you speak years ago."


Carla Junk, RN, Employee Health and Wellness, Aurora Medical Center - Washington County

"Kathi Miller presented Declutter Today for a Carefree Tomorrow for the employees Lunch N Learn at Aurora Medical Center - Washington County.  It was a hit!  I heard many compliments from employees on how they loved the speech.  I heard a buzz around the hospital about this or that, that employees needed to get rid of.  I also heard from another employee that they went home and started the process right away.  They said it felt so freeing to be rid of some of their stuff.  Thanks Kathi, can't wait to have you back for another Lunch N Learn!"


Nina Wagner, Adult Services Librarian, Brookfield Public Library

"Ms. Miller has an easy speaking style, quickly forming a rapport with the audience and peppering her speech with jokes and retelling of humorous situations.  Her handout was an outline of what she covered, enough for people to take notes but not too much information.  Ms. Miller was absolutely fantastic at offering suggestions on how to declutter without talking down to the audience or otherwise shaming people about their items.  She tread well the line between encouraging and motivating people to purge while not adding to their guilt.  Audience response was overwhelmingly positive, including several who asked if we could have a repeat of this program in the near future."


Alix Sanchez, Sr. Representative - Community Affairs, Global Corporate Affairs, Communication & Sustainability, SC Johnson Company

"Thank you again for being part of our Community Interest Programs at the Golden Rondelle Theater.  All the comments we received were positive.  People really enjoyed the program, so I hope we can work together on another program later this year."


Julie Bjorklund, RN, Waukesha County

"Thank you so much for your engaging, funny, and informative seminar. (Living Better with Less Without Feeling Deprived)  I received several responses back from employees who attended wishing it lasted longer!  The employees at Waukesha County look forward to future learning opportunities to help declutter our lives both at home and in the work environment.  A simpler, clutter free life provides peace of mind and less anxiety, which as mental health professionals, serves a profound need in everyone's life."


Danielle Smith, Program Chair, Elm Grove Woman’s Club

“The women were totally engaged in your program.  You did exactly what you said you would do - entertain, motivate, and energize us."