Speech Topics

My speaking fee is $160 per program for any size group.  Libraries receive a 20% discount.

Tackle Your Old Photos (New program for Summer 2017)

How many boxes of old photos are languishing in your closets and basement?  They're out of sight, but not forgotten.  Receive help deciding what to keep, what to toss, and how to organize what's left.  Bring 2 or 3 boxes or bags of photos to class. 


Too Many!  Too Few!  What's Best for You? 

Have you ever considered how many pairs of socks you need?  How many towels, pots and pans, jeans, or any belongings, for that matter?  Having too many contributes to clutter; too few makes your life complicated, both resulting in stress.  I've developed a system called “Magic Numbers” to help you decide what’s right for you.  Wherever you are in your life - just starting out, pursuing a career, raising kids, or retiring, Magic Numbers can help you navigate every aspect of life.  From belongings, to family commitments, to work projects, to the emails in your inBox, discover how your personal Magic Numbers can free you to enjoy life and pursue your dreams.


Declutter Today for a Carefree Tomorrow

Do you keep things in case you might need them someday?  Were you taught that certain items must stay in your family, even though no one seems to want them anymore?  Do you own more stuff than you can keep track of?  Clutter can affect you at home and in the workplace.  It drags down your energy and makes it difficult to concentrate.   

Discover how decluttering can improve your life.  Gain a new perspective on your belongings and learn how to re-evaluate them.  Learn simple strategies for paring down and letting go.  Anyone can create a clutter-free life.  You’ll be inspired and motivated to begin!

Downsizing? Let's Get Started!

Whether you're considering moving to a new home or assisting a relative, downsizing can be challenging.  I share my expertise and the experiences of my clients to help you navigate this transition.  This program covers what to take, what to leave behind, and how to go about deciding.

Office De-cluttering

Do you have more paperwork than you can handle?  Do you spend too much time searching for things?  Learn a simple, proven system to keep track of your work.  It's a system you can begin using right away.  Increase your productivity and reduce your stress.  You will also learn techniques to configure your workspace for maximum efficiency.  This workshop can be combined with personalized, in-office consultations for your key staff members. 

Living Better with Less Without Feeling Deprived

How can you be earth-friendly without living in a shoebox?  This program will empower you to -

  • Examine your beliefs about needs versus wants. 
  • Gain awareness of how your purchasing decisions have an impact beyond your pocketbook. 
  • Apply the concept of “Magic Numbers” to identify the areas in which you can easily pare down. 
  • Implement simple strategies for living a more sustainable, earth-friendly, and clutter-free life.

The Best Presents Aren’t Things

See my eBook with this title available on Amazon.

Most people don’t need any more “stuff” in any category.  So how do you give a gift that’s meaningful, personal, and memorable?  No matter what your budget, you’ll gets lots of ideas for unique, practical, and earth-friendly gifts for all ages.  Learn how to give gifts that are appreciated and not returned!

Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

You don't have to be wealthy to have a wonderful life. Learn how to control your spending and manage your time and energy.  Discover the small changes you can make today to create a truly enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Clutter-free Classrooms

A One-hour program.  First half - Learn an easy system for managing paperwork and electronic correspondence.  Apply clutter-free living skills to maximize use of classroom space and storage.
Second half - As a group, we will move into selected individual classrooms to demonstrate how the information applies to real-life teaching situations.

This faculty in-service provides strategies to de-clutter and maintain any area.  Clutter-free spaces are safer, more inviting, less distracting, and allow for the free flow of creativity.  Clutter-free living is a skill set that anyone can learn and use in the classroom, the office, and at home.  It’s simple to do and I would love to teach your faculty members how to apply these concepts to increase their productivity and reduce their stress!