My Philosophy

"Four categories of clutter: Things you do not use or love, things that are untidy or disorganized, too many things in too small a space, or anything unfinished." -Karen Kingston


I see clutter-free living as a skill - an essential skill for 21st century life.  In order to acquire the skill, you have to do two things.  Change your mind about your belongings and change your behavior with respect to your belongings.

I rarely recommend bins, baskets, or closet inserts.  There's an entire industry that's been created to make you believe that the only way to become organized is to buy stuff to hold your stuff, but that isn't true!  People were organized before bins were invented. 

When I speak, teach, and write, my goal is to help people develop and apply clutter-free living skills.  A clutter-free life is calm, energizing, less stressful,  and provides a foundation upon which to pursue your dreams, goals, and highest aspirations.

Your belongings are meant to serve you, not define you, or enslave you!

Clutter-free living is a gift you give yourself and everyone who has to put up with you!  Begin Today!!