Five Items Today

February Challenge


Clutter-free living is a skill and like all skills, it requires practice. This month I challenge you to practice clutter-free living by getting rid of 5 items every day. I've made it as easy as possible. I chose the shortest month and I'm providing a daily suggestion. If you skip a day or more, don't try to catch up, just do the 5 items for the current date.  Repeat the process for as many days as possible. If a daily item doesn't apply to you, choose one from the Bonus List below or repeat one from another day.

Donate or toss items as needed.

If you do this exercise, three things can happen.  One, by March first, you'll have 140 fewer pieces of stuff in your home.  Two, on any day you may decide to get rid of more - always an option.  Three, you'll be acquiring a skill you can apply for the rest of your life!

1-  Start with something easy - get rid of 5 mugs.
2-  Ground Hog Day! Today get rid of 5 dried up pens or markers.
3-  5 old emails (or 50!)
4-  5 magazines or catalogs
5-  5 pairs of socks with holes or 5 pairs of socks you don't wear
6-  5 stained plastic containers or 5 good containers you don't use
7-  Toss 5 old photos you don't need.
8-  Go through the games or puzzles and get rid of 5.
9-  Grab 5 empty boxes on your way out the door!
10 - 5 empty jars or bottles
11 - 5 pieces of old mail
12 - 5 rags
13 - These represent the fantasy of cooking!  Get rid of 5 cookbooks or recipes.
14 - It's Valentine's Day!  Donate 5 florist vases.
15 - 5 books: the ones you'll never read or you won't read again
16 - 5 tools or pieces of hardware.  How many nails will you use?
17 - 5 pieces of jewelry
18 - 5 sets of mailing labels or greeting cards sent by charities
19 - 5 decor items: picture frames, knick knacks, etc.
20 - 5 tote bags or shopping bags
21 - Get the family involved today.  Donate 5 coats or jackets.
22 - Donate 5 pairs of gloves/mittens or 5 hats or 5 scarves.
23 - 5 CDs, DVDs, or Video Tapes
24 - 5 kitchen appliances or gadgets you don't use: Bread machine?
25 - 5 items of clothing you don't wear or don't LOVE!
26 - 5 items of spoiled food in the fridge
27 - 5 dusty silk plants or bunches of dried flowers
28 - 5 Regrets or Resentments.  Let them go.  
Focus on how much you accomplished this month instead!

Bonus List
5 dead or dying houseplants - Poinsettia?
5 rolls of wrapping paper or gift bags
5 old phones or other electronic devices
5 containers of cleaning supplies you don't use
5 unused cosmetic or toiletry items
5 tablecloths or placemat sets
5 candles
5 pairs of flip flops
5 toys or stuffed animals
5 partly used notebooks
5 old greeting cards
5 pieces from a collection you no longer enjoy
5 serving dishes: Do you entertain the way you used to?