Class Descriptions

"Kathi's classes always motivate me for the next level of my clutter control!"  Shirley


Detach and Declutter   New Class - Fall 2017!

Learn how to break your emotional attachments to the belongings that no longer serve you.  I will guide you through a step-by-step process.  Whether the items are family heirlooms, personal memorabilia, the belongings of the deceased, or anything keeping you stuck in the past, you can free yourself.  This course provides the tools to release the guilt and become empowered!


How to Stay Organized

Description: You’ve taken some classes, read some books, gone through your belongings and donated what seemed like lots of stuff. Yet, the clutter returns. Learn the skills needed to maintain a clutter-free life. Re-evaluate what’s most important to you. This class is specifically designed for people who have already done some paring down. Take your life to the next level!


Conquer Paper and Electronic Clutter 

Description: Overflowing Inbox? Piles of paper you’re afraid to toss? Wondering whether scanning documents is a good use of your time and energy? This class tackles these dilemmas and more.  Learn an easy system to handle all your correspondence, physical and electronic, at home and in the workplace.  Transform the chaos into order, once and for all!


Clutter-free Living Level One

If you want to live better with less stuff and enjoy a less stressful life, but you don’t know how or where to begin, this class is for you.  Clutter can drag down your energy and suck all the fun out of life.  Whether you have overflowing storage, an overwhelming Inbox, or too many tasks to accomplish each day, you will learn ways to create and maintain a clutter-free life.


Clutter-free Garage & Basement

Learn how to decide what to keep, discard, or donate and how to organize what’s left.  Be able to find what you own.  Turn your basement and garage into useful storage!  This course is especially good for spouses who think they don’t need to get rid of anything!  It’s also a good introductory class to help anyone rethink how much stuff they really need in their lives.  Invite reluctant family members to register and attend along with you


DIY European Travel

You don’t need a lot of money or a guide to travel to most European countries.  My husband and I have traveled to Europe on a regular basis since 1988, including 19 trips to Paris!  The course includes:
    •    how to travel light yet be well-dressed
    •    how to use public transportation and railroads
    •    which words and phrases to learn in the foreign language
    •    how and why to rent an apartment for as few as 4 days
    •    what to see and do
    •    what to buy
    •    currency conversion
    •    cultural differences
    •    how to minimize jet lag
    •    photos of places and spaces